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7 Nguyen Khac Nhu
Hanoi, Vietnam

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Works by Nguyen Nghia Cuong

Fairies on Long Bien Bridge
Red River Singing
Dreamwalk on Long Bien Bridge
Long Bien Day
Long Bien Night
Long Bien Dream
The The Scream on Long Bien Bridge
Vietnam France Friendship
Balance II
The Bar Code Scream
Advertise Amplified
Bridegroom II
Flying with Violin
Catching Fish
Cuong Under the Sun and the Moon
Good and Bad
Lotus Violin
The Moon and the Nude
The Man and the Woman
Mr. Turtle
My Village
The Scissors
Pole Jump with a Sceptor
Nude and the Sun
Reclaiming Waste Land
Self-portrait with Buffalo
Stress II
Sun Smile
The New House
Marilyn Visiting the Orient
Champion of a Clear Smile
To see the Sky, To see the Earth, To see the Clouds, To see the Rain, To see the Sunshine, To see the Wind, To see the Day, To see the Night
Self-portrait with Basket
Tree of Life (Triptych)
Robot Artist
Cuong's The Echo
Speciality I
A Sunny Day
Mother's New Dress
$ Drop
Machine Head
Long Hair, Long Legs
Present from God
Mother Land
Super Star of Smile
Self-portrait 2008
Smile of a Hidden Face
The Frivolity of Cuong
Mona Lisa
The Charmless Women
September 11
Self-portrait I, 2010
Self-portrait II, 2010
Happy New Year (Buffalo)
Protector (Diptych)
Cross-connection (Diptych)
Happy Citizen (Triptych)
What Smile
Tree of Mona Lisa's Smile (Diptych)
Red Boat
A Long Woman
Fill in the Red Color
See the Moon
Soul of Rock
My Thuan Bridge
Machine Nose
New Age Set Up New Values
In the Middle of the Bottle
A Vision
Turtle Tower, Hoan Kiem Lake
Untitled I
Tet Holiday Fireworks
Dreamwalk With Milk Flower
On Long Bien Bridge Remembering Eiffel Tower
Golden Turtle Offering Sword to the King
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Flying With Emotion
Praying at One Pillar Pagoda
Fairy on West Lake and Five Devils
Street Corner in Winter
Beauties High Quality Box 7
Venus Box 14
Venus Box 26
Red Shoes 01
Recycle Circle 01
Recycle Circle 02
Recycle Circle 03
Recycle Circle 04
Recycle Circle 05
Recycle Circle 06
Recycle Circle 07
Recycle Circle 08
Recycle Circle 09
Recycle Circle 10
Self Portrait 2008 01
Self Portrait 2008 02
Nguyen Nghia Cuong: Cuong's Smile
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