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7 Nguyen Khac Nhu
Hanoi, Vietnam

Artist Profile: Nguyen Cam



1944 Born in Hai phong, Viet-Nam
Lives and works in Paris
1969-73 National Fine Art School of Paris
1973 Prize of the "Academie des Beaux-Arts" Paris
1985 Founder of the art and music studio "Le Portail a Roulettes" Salses, France
1987-2007 Director of the Fine Arts School for the city of Sartrouville, France
1996 Scenery of the contemporary dance spectacle "One tree" by Thierry Niang, for the festival "April Dances" at the Ferme du Buisson,
1996-1997 One year Contemporary Art Workshop for the professors and the young Vietnamese artists at the Fine Art Schools of Hanoi, Viet-Nam


2020 Blue Night, Red Earth: The Work of Nguyen Cam, Rosenberg & Co. NYC, USA
2019 Fragments, Craig Thomas Gallery, HCMC, Vietnam
2017 Mindscapes & Mystic Spaces, Art Vietnam/Salon Saigon, HCMC, Vietnam
2014 Imprints of Origin, 20 Year Retrospective Exhibition, Art Vietnam Gallery
2013 Empreintes, Victoria’s Gallery, Paris, France
2010 "Traces", Art Vietnam Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
2007 “As Time Goes by”, Art Vietnam Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
2007 Centre Ianchelevici, Maison – MAISONS – LAFFITE, France
2006-7 Maison de l Indochine, Paris, France
2006 Galerie d Art Pilar Riberaygua, Andorra, Spain
2005 "Landscapes of the Soul", Fielding Lecht Gallery, Austin, Texas USA
"Wind and Tide", Le Musee des Jacobins, Ville de Morlaix, France
2004 "Music of Silence", Art Vietnam Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
Galerie Allaire – Aigret, Paris, France
2003 "Spirit Harvest", Robert Mondavi Winery, St Helena, California
2002 Galerie Allaire-Aigret Paris
2001 Galeria d art les Punses, Barcelone, Spain
Galeria Pilar Riberaygua, Andorre, Spain
1999 Maison Francaise, French Embassy in Washington D.C. 2 Sept – 30 Oct. Washington D.C. USA
1998 Arts of Pacific Asia 26-29 March, NewYork, USA
1997 "Roots" Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi Viet-Nam
1996 Saigon Gallery Ho Chi Minh City, Viet-Nam
1995 Exhibition "Traces of a Meditation" Red River Gallery Hanoi, Viet-Nam
1994 Fine Arts Association Ho Chi Minh City, Viet-Nam
Galerie Bellint, Paris, France
1993 Bartech Society, Paris, France
1991 Galerie Nicole Janssens Bruxelles, Belgium
1990 Galerie Pomone, Bois-le-Roi, France
1986 Le Portail a Roulettes, Salses, France
1984 Galerie Sant-Vicens, Perpignan, France
Galerie Therese Roussel, Perpignan, France
1983 Galerie La Sensitive, Paris, France
1982 Galerie Sant-Vicens, Perpignan, France
1981 Galerie La Sensitive, Paris, France
1979 Galerie Soler-Casamada, Tarassa, Spain
1978 Sala d Art Madei, Barcelona, Spain
1976 Galerie Helene Happel, Paris, France
1974 Galerie La Main de Fer, Perpignan, France


2009 Hanoi Where We Are Now, Art Vietnam Gallery, Hanoi, Viet Nam
2001 Galerie Allaire-Aigret, Paris. France
Artiste en residence, Centre d Art Contemporain, Ste Colombe, France
2000 "Un train pour l art contemporain" Institut de Recherche du Language Plastique, Bruxelles
May-July Art Placement International 717, 5th Avenue, NY, NY, USA

1999 Pacific Bridge Gallery 15 July - 15 August Oakland, California
ART Santa Fe 8-11 July, Santa Fe, New Mexico
"About Asia" 12-14 April, Centre d Art Passerelle, Brest

1997 Exhibition "A winding river", Meridian International Center, Washington D.C., USA
Museum of the Fine Arts School Hanoi, Viet-Nam
Exhibition "Passage", Alliance Francaise de Hanoi, Viet-Nam
Exhibition "Spring meeting", Galerie Nam Son, Hanoi, Viet-Nam

1996 Galerie Trang An, Hanoi, Viet-Nam
Galerie Bellint, Paris, France

1995 Exhibition "Connection with Viet-Nam", Espace Ricard, Paris, France

1993 Galerie Bellint, Paris, France
Biennale, Ouville L Abbaye, France
Century Gallery, Westminster, USA.

1991 Galerie Nicole Janssens, Bruxelles, Belgium
Associations House, Forum des Halles, Paris, France

1990 Katia Lacoste Gallery, San Jose, USA

1989 Galerie Pomone, Bois-le-Rois, France
44 artists for the French Revolution, Palais des Congres, Perpignan, France

1986 French Institute, Barcelona, Spain
Galerie Alpha, Bruxelles, Belgium

1985 Prestige du Roussillon, Hanover, Germany

1973-1984 Mairie de Brest, Mairie de Quimper
Maison de la Culture, Cergy-Pontoise, France
Groupe Sansui, Tokyo, Japan.
Exhibition "Cry and Color", Espace Cardin, Paris, France
Art in Yvelines, Versailles Castel
Culture Forum, Bonn Center, Germany


Monograph Nguyen Cam Hanoi – Paris
The Odyssey of a Painter by Arnault Tran Editions ALTERNATIVES - PARIS


France : Paris, Perpignan, Toulouse
Germany : Bonn. Belgium : Bruxelles. Spain : Barcelona, Tarassa. Hong Kong.
Japan : Tokyo. England : London. Thailand : Bangkok. Viet-Nam : Hanoi, Ho-Chi-Minh Ville.
USA : Aspen, New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Jose, San Francisco, Washington D.C.
Australia, New Zealand
Hotel Nikko, Hanoi, Vietnam
Post Vidai collection of contemporary Vietnamese art, Switzerland.

Through my paintings, I renew with my forefather's land and embrace the ordinariness of things. When I went back to Vietnam, the emotion was so intense that I transformed my previous work and revealed an intimate link with the memories of a country damaged by history's monsoons, which my exile had hidden. The ochres, reds, and browns recall my land, its outrages, men's sufferings. From now on, I use rags of jute sacking which I assemble and sew together. My works seem to be patched up by fingers still trembling with emotion. The lack of frames reveals an urgent need to hold back a memory that is fast disappearing under the winds of modernity.

Birth Date: March 1944
Birth City: Haiphong
Birth Country: Vietnam

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