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Artist Profile: Le Quoc Viet


Le Quoc Viet

Pen name Ai Chau, Cuu Chan Quan Nhan

Born in 1972 in Thanh Hoá province


2004-2005 Researcher at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam

1997-2000 Researcher of the Ancient Arts of Vietnam, Fine Arts Institute Hanoi, Vietnam

1991-1996 Hanoi Fine Arts University, Vietnam

1978-1987 Studied Sino - Nom and calligraphy at pagodas in Ninh Binh province Vietnam

Solo Exhibitions

2010 Secret Mantra, calligraphic installation, Indochinese Arts Partnership, Wellesley, MA, USA

2008 This is What I Heard- Calligraphy and Painting, Art Vietnam Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

2004 Calligraphy and Painting, Goethe-Institut, Hanoi, Vietnam

2001 Solo Exhibition, My Art Prospects Gallery, New York City, USA

1999 Spring- Calligraphy exhibition in the Temple of Kongfuzi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Group Exhibitions

2023 David Thomas and Friends, Fine Art Museum, Hanoi Vietnam
2012 Vietnam Now, Hongkong Land, Hong Kong

2010 Wordless: Zenei Gang of Five, calligraphy exhibition with Zenei members Tran Trong Duong, Pham Van Tuan, Nguyen Duc Dung and Nguyen Quang Thang, Art Vietnam Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

2008 Oscilloscope (with Tran Trong Duong, Vu Kim Thu) L’Espace, Hanoi, Vietnam

2008 Dance of the Script, Maison des Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam

2007 The Script - Zenei Gang of Five, Calligraphy with Tran Trong Duong, Pham VanTuan, Nguyen Duc Dzung, Nguyen Quang Thang, Studio Tho, Hanoi, Vietnam

2006 Il Drago e la Farfalla - Arte Contemporanea in Vietnam, Roma, Compresso del Vittoriano, Roma, Italia

2005 Lotus Flower - Art From Vietnam, Sinebrychoff Art Museum, Helsinki, Waino Aaltonen Museum of Art, Turku, Hameenlinna Art Museum, Finland

2005 The Ten Courts of the Kings of Hell, Bankside Gallery, London, England

2003 Traces and Traditions Vietnamese Woodblock Prints, International Print Centre, New York City, USA

2002 Light of the Spirit with Tran Hoang Son, Art Vietnam Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam

2002 Vietnam Art Actuel, Centre d’Exposition de I’Université de Montreal, Montreal, Canada

2002 Brush to Block: Vietnamese Works On Paper, The Eastern Gallery, Chicago, lllinois, USA

2002 Tradition and Change Contemporary Vietnamese Art, The Landon Gallery, New York, USA

2000 Exhibition with demonstration and talk about calligraphy, Vietnam Ethnology Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam

2000 Human Being in Ancient Sculpture, Hanoi Fine Arts University, Hanoi, Vietnam

2000 Spring-Calligraphy Exhibition together with UNESCO Calligraphy Club, the Temple of Kongfuzi, Hanoi, Vietnam

1999 Two man exhibition with Tran Hoang Son, Hanoi Fine Arts College, Hanoi, Vietnam

Curatorial Projects

2008 Curated the calligraphy exhibition “Dance of the Script”, Maison des Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam

2007 Curated the calligraphy exhibition “The Autumn Floral Spirit – The Five Styles of Nom Script” at the Temple of Literature and the Ancient Thang Long Citadel, Hanoi, Vietnam

2006 Curated the calligraphy exhibition “Twenty Eight Stars”, the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Vietnam

Residencies and Workshops

2010 Residency and exhibition, Indochinese Arts Partnership, Wellesley, MA, USA

2008 Residency and workshop, exhibition Asean Civilizations Museum, Singapore
Residency and workshop, exhibition Heide Museum, Melbourne, Australia

2003 Residency in Vermont Studio Center, Johnson Vermont
Woodblock printing workshop and lecture on “The Ancient Graphics of Vietnam” at the American Museum of Natural History, New York City

2001 Residency in July at Art Omi, New York


“Ancient Graphic Arts” (with Phan Cam Thuong and Cung Khac Luoc), Nxb, My Thuat, Hanoi, 2001

“Tran Hoang Son and Le Quoc Viet at the Hanoi Fine Art College” Asian Art News May/June 1999

Public Collections

British Museum, London, England

Museum of Natural History, New York City, USA

Ace Corporation, Bermuda

Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, Australia

Private Collections

Argentina, America, Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Spain, Switzerland, Vietnam

Birth Date: 1972
Birth City: Ha Tay
Birth Country: Vietnam

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